Herb Curb

The Herb Curb represents our commitment to the preservation of Rastafarian and Jamaican culture.

This enclosed area boosted educational, spiritual and retail displays in which ‘Saluters’ will had the opportunity to unlock the world of marijuana, its uses and numerous by-products through exhibitions and symposiums. Situated in the south western section of the venue, the Herb Curb, back dropped by the Caribbean Sea, features artisans, herb practitioners, educators, speakers, and medical professionals, who sought to bring awareness about marijuana to the public.

Supported by its symposium on the Saturday evening before the beginning of the festival on its 2nd day day, the Herb Curb continues to expose and educate the greater Jamaican community on Marijuana in its various forms and uses:

1. Sacramental

2. Therapeutic

3. Medicinal

4. Industrial

5. Educational

6. Economic

To become a sponsor of, or apply for a booth in this area please contact Jahyudah Barrett @jahyudah@rebelsalutejamaica.com or 876 934 0837.