Must Haves

The Must Haves For Rebel Salute 30

Comfortable shoes to endure standing for long hours (overnight) all night.

Layered clothes for various temperatures and items that you can layer. 

For example: light jackets, sweaters/hoodies for cold temperatures and warm clothing

Sunglasses – to provide shade from the following morning’s sun

Folding Chairsgreat to have for mobility around the venue , to sit down for rests, meals, chats and more.

Flags – waving of the reggae color flags are synonymous to expressing satisfaction and excitement of enjoying the performances.

Blanket – A blanket is great to have just in case it gets chillier than you thought.

Toiletries – hand sanitizer, wet wipes , ints /  mouthwash

Money: cash is convenient for both patrons and vendors alike, but cards are also accepted to purchase some good food, interesting art pieces and to get home.


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