What's Herb Curb?

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What’s Herb Curb?

“It’s the healing of the nation”

Rebel Salute invites you to become part of this fulfilling recognition of one of the Earth’s most valuable natural resources. We present, the Herb Curb​. This unique concept was fertilized and empowered by the recent amendments to legislation regarding the use and pursuit of understanding of the sacred plant of Rastafari, known to the world as marijuana.

We invite our enlightened Saluters to experience the ‘Herb Curb’​-A budding and potent component of Rebel Salute!

The curb’s enclosed area displays educational, spiritual, medicinal and recreational products and content which affords ‘Saluters’ the opportunity to unlock the world of marijuana. Its uses, applications and numerous byproducts on the cutting edge of organic medicinal exploration are on full display.

Situated in the southwestern section of the venue, this private pocket, back dropped by the Caribbean Sea, features artisans, herb practitioners, educators, speakers, and medical professionals. These highly enlightened guests  extol and educate the “Herb Curbers” on the extant virtues of the miracle plant. In addition, there is a designated smoking lounge, complete with seating and video feed from the main stage.

Who Is Allowed

Rebel Salute is a family event where children under the age of 12 years are allowed free entry. However, persons under the age of 18 years will not be allowed to enter this area of the venue. The area is partitioned and secured by a private security firm as well as by officers of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, lest a natural mystic flows through the air to the disturbance of our general crowd.

The enclave is also monitored by Rebel Salute staff who are tasked primarily with the responsibility of assisting with regulating entrance to the area.

In order to enter the Herb Curb, persons must present valid government issued identification (Driver’s License, National Identification, Passport)- In 10 order to partake in a truly unique experience.

Limited access can be afforded to student groups accompanied by a teacher or representative of the related school as well as researchers in the area of cannabis use and application. First and foremost, the ‘Herb Curb’​ recognizes the obvious medicinal and educational applications of this majestic plant, created by Jah, beyond its recreational use.

Use Of Ganja At The Event

Each person is allowed to carry the permitted amount as per the amendments to the relevant legislation. However, there will be designated areas associated within the Herb Curb for smoking.

We invite you to thoroughly enjoy Rebel Salute​! In this, our 27th year, we ask that you recall and adhere to our no alcohol policy, our envious record of safety and our commitment to maintaining and elevating Rebel Salute as an authentic Jamaican product of which we can all be proud.